About Us

Inspired to offer a different level of seafood boil, what began in our home kitchen with family and friends in 2014 gave birth to the creation of the one and only, the original CNS sauce, a flavor so unique and scrumptious and truly guaranteed to knock your socks off. We knew right there and then we had to share this with the world and with that Crab N Spice was born. We offer a symphony of tastes and signature spices using only the freshest, finest seafood choices, with every taste, every order prepared to perfection daily. There are many same concept restaurants out there but we are committed to stand out in best way possible, making every dining experience enjoyable, flavorful and memorable with every bite. Come visit a Crab N Spice restaurant today and experience a different level of seafood boil!

Our Mission

•To bring a smile to each and every CNS customer by providing exceptional food, atmosphere and service that is unique and genuine.
•To create an enjoyable dining experience for all guests, consistently raising the bar and adding value to their patronage.
•To stand out among same-concept restaurants using only the freshest, finest ingredients and featuring flavors unique to the CNS brand.
•To create a safe and encouraging work environment for all of our employees, taking pride in building strong work relationships, superior training and equipping, pushing our team towards excellence and consistency.
•To widen our reach and expand in areas where CNS can serve, and to open more locations all over California and soon, all over the globe.

Our Way of Doing Business

We believe in providing exceptional service without compromising our values. We believe in customer satisfaction that is genuine and personal, and one that our customers can keep coming back for.
We believe in accountability and trust, building this in each and every transaction and interaction.
We believe in our people and their potential. We believe in the ongoing training and development of our staff. We see our team as a worthy investment and that opportunities for employment and growth are vital in the success of the company.
We believe in professionalism and structure. We take great pride maintaining a solid and consistent system, following good standards and keeping organized in all levels of operation.
We believe in the full utilization of all human resources and to a policy of equal employment opportunity.